on how we spread hate…

I was reading about the latest developments about the Tea Party Movement, and the debate on whether it is promoting racism or not. Because I’ve missed out on a lot about the development of the movement, I still don’t know enough about the Tea Party Movement to be able to pass judgment on whether it is racist or not (though some banners held in their campaigns and protests seem to imply so, others argue that those banners are simply criticisms to Obama personally, and have no racist implications), but I did come across certain things that infuriated me. Thus, I’d like to share the fury :)

One of the articles I was reading on Huffington Post was reporting the racist and supposedly satiric letter from “Colored People” to Lincoln, that Tea Party Federation ex-spokesman Mark Williams wrote on his blog (he was removed from the position because of the letter). While Williams’ letter is no less ridiculous than some of his responses to readers’ comments (sicmak ve ustune bir de sivamak) a person who made a comment to the article had posted a link to a YouTube video entitled “Tea Party is the new Ku Klux Klan” (not the greatest of videos, and I’m not sure it’s the best of comparisons either). As I looked for more comparisons like this, I stumbled upon the website for contemporary Ku Klux Klan, otherwise known as The Knights Party. Call me ignorant, but I was not aware that the KKK still survived, in some form or another. What’s more is that, they claim to promote love and not hate, and yes they are not as blatantly violent as they once were, but just wait ’till you read director of The Knights Party, Mr. Thomas Robb‘s blog! Oddly, I cannot think of much to say, I am at a loss for words, though Thomas Robb does speak for himself.

And oh how the “White American” does not even realize that he is no different than the Muslim extremists he uses as example reasons for his refusal of multiculturalism. Hiding under veils of different religions and different colors, fascists are the same everywhere.

Will write more on this in the coming days/weeks…


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