some flowers open up at night…

…just like the ones from the plant I bought this morning. There might not be anything that makes a person happier sometimes, than waking up early to a rainy Saturday, walking over to the farmer’s market with the “file” bag that was a gift from your mother, spending half an hour among freshly picked fruit and vegetables, outside but safe under the roofing while the rain pours down, and the sky crackles open after each time it lights up, and buying your new apartment’s first plant. The inverted-looking, hot pink flowers have opened up now, perhaps only within the last hour. As these small new things get added to my new place, it makes it feel more and more like a first home in what some might call a grown-up(?) life. The next step now is to overcome my shyness and walk down to join the party on my front porch to meet my neighbors.

And despite all the craziness, it’s the time of year that makes me feel like nothing can really go wrong.


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