One of my childhood favorites – Hook. Our downstairs neighbors had the videotape, so I would borrow it from them every week (or I sometimes rotated it with Robin Hood, but this is about Hook). Now, years and years later, I run into it again, and I remember the lines as if I watched it only yesterday.

“So, Peter, you’ve become a pirate…”

Of course, watching an old film again at this age does make you notice some details that you hadn’t thought of before. So, I was looking through the internet to see how much of Hook‘s story related to the real story of how J. M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan. I found out that Peter Pan‘s Wendy was inspired by J. M. Barrie’s friend Margaret Henley. Margaret used to call Barrie “friendy” only she could not pronounce the letter r, so it would come out as “fwendy,” which inspired the name. In fact, it turns out that the name Wendy became popular after Peter Pan – before it was quite uncommon. What’s more is that, poor old Margaret died at the age of 5 in 1894, due to cerebral meningitis (Barrie was about 34 at the time).

There is still a part of me that hopes to write something grand someday…


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