The Meager Adventures of an Astroengineer – Part I

I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years, and it’s starting to show. You can find permanent traces of each visit etched into parts of my body.
My hair is no longer the honey-wheat color that I was once so popular for; instead, it’s neon silver since that night on Scioda 14, when I accidentally walked in on an excitable Woba in the men’s room, as he was changing out of his drag costume. His name was Tith, I had later found out, as he introduced himself and apologized profusely for forgetting to lock the door and zapping me with his gooey tentacle in a moment of panic. After the initial shakiness the shock created had worn off, I told him that I had enjoyed his Tina Turner impression, that he added a very worldly feel to the act. His eyes turned green as tears welled up with joy, so I said a curt goodbye and ran off, fearing the possibility of an electrocuting hug. By this time, I had gotten used to incidents as unusual as this one. In Nzano, the planet I had previously visited, where I was assigned an apartment overlooking the river Tharg, a creature called Mesotone decided to lodge in my left inner ear. You can’t tell from outside, but you can hear it hum softly during its sleep. It was quite a nuisance at first, but I’ve taught myself to live with it upon finding out that there’s no way of getting rid of Mesotones, and thank God its sleeping schedule and mine do not coincide. My neighbor at the time, Dr. Jorane (who was a 6-foot tall, 2-foot wide Grubler, might I add) informed me that usually they move out when they sense a more suitable environment nearby, but even though I’ve tried walking close to a variety of creatures for lack of knowledge for what Mesotones fancy the most, mine has yet to leave.
These are hardly the worst that have happened to my body though, for by the time I had moved to Scioda 14 and Nzano, I had already been travelling for seven years. My first mission, which was to Maboor, was by far the most overwhelming. I was sent there as an expat astroengineer to help develop locally-sustainable spacecraft glickets. The project was part of a solare-wide coalition for promoting planetary sustainability, with the aim of decreasing inter-planetary transportation waste. Emperors of the fourteen solar systems in our solare, Foira, had combined funds for the project, which was initially planned to take fourteen years to complete. Due to many a complications that occurred in Maboor, we were delayed by a year, and now expect to finish in two.
People had warned me about Maboor, and I was prepared for the worst when I arrived there, or so I thought, for what greeted me was hardly as good as the worst I had prepared for.


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